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I just got back from a veggie road trip from Seattle to northern CA and back again. I had a chance to test out the 16 plate Kaori heat exchanger—see more at: http://www.kaori-taiwan.com/ecompa33.htm . It works well so far! I have been looking for a WVO heater that is off the shelf and cost effective… this may be it. I run a lot of miles in hot and mildly cold climates (West Coast—WA, OR, CA). I have been using the regular veg-therm (see at http://www.plantdrive.com/page4/pag...-1000-full.html) or Dana’s inline heater (at http://vegoilconversions.netfirms.c...tm#12v%20heater) on my ‘79 MB non-turbo 300TD wagon. Even running in +110° F desert heat in CA, the best WVO temp before the IP was 140° F with the regular vegtherm. Dana’s inline heater ran a tad hotter at about 150° F. I was not using a heated tank, just WVO filtered to 10 microns. As the weather got colder so did the WVO … damn, I hate when that happens. Usually you would have to heat the WVO tank and probably run two of Dana’s inline heaters (about 30 amps) or a Mega Therm (about 30 amps) (http://enviofuel.com/index.php?page...hpshop&Itemid=5)
and upgrade your alternator so it could handle the extra electrical load … a lot of work and a lot more money invested. It would be nice in a mild climate not to have to heat a whole tank of WVO and spend a bunch of money on upgrades. This flat-plate heat exchanger might be the answer … needs to be tested more …
I have run about 2500 miles so far with the 16-plate Kaori heat exchanger. I have constant WVO temps of 145° F to 160° F before the IP (see Dana’s temp gauge http://vegoilconversions.netfirms.c...tle%20Angel.pdf ) when driving at freeway speeds. The outside temp has not been that cold—50° F at the highest and 35° F at the lowest. Even on a long downhill grade the WVO is maybe 138° at the lowest. Driving around Seattle in 40° to 50° F weather, in traffic, I have constant WVO temp before the IP at 155° to 180° F. I have used Dana’s filter wrap http://vegoilconversions.netfirms.c...20heater%20.pdf) on a Vormax WVO filter (http://www.plantdrive.com/page0/26/26.html ) and I have been using a regular vegtherm for the inline heater. I used Dana’s inline heater; however, at slower speeds in city traffic temps went to 200° F! I had a funny experience on the road to CA. I was cruising along the freeway and my WVO temp dropped from 150° to 130° on a flat stretch of hwy? What the F? Anyway, I pulled off and flipped the hood—the damned connector to the vegtherm had vibrated off—no inline heat. Funny side note—when I finally got the vegtherm connected again I accidentally smeared a small amount of WVO on the electric spade connector … I think I cooked the connector on; it has not come off for the last 1500 miles … new product—WVO hot glue. Anyway, WE need to test a few flat-plate heat exchangers in colder weather, so maybe some of you guys and gals farther East can test a few of these?

If you order one, it would be nice if you’d send a photo or drawing of your set up…

I contacted the Rep on the West Coast. He has twelve16-plate copper brazed heat exchangers in stock at this time. He gave me a price of $54.00 each plus shipping if we buy 5 or more. He can get the nickel-brazed units, which will be about $90.00 each. Kaori makes all different sizes and shapes of heat exchangers … they have a double-wall unit that looks interesting. (http://www.kaori-taiwan.com/img/pa356.jpg )

Anyway, if you want to be a veggie heat exchanger road tester, the 16-plate copper brazed ½” male pipe thread units are $54.00 each plus shipping. We can use a US post office priority mail flat rate of $8 to ship in the USA. If you want to get on the list, email me at omarwhite6@hotmail.com or you can Paypal me at omarwhite6@hotmail.com. If you use Paypal, a $1 fee is added for their charge. That makes it a total of $63.00 for a unit with Paypal, $62.00 without.

The Rep on the West Coast has 12 in stock at this time. His next shipment comes in February sometime. He said he should be getting a 26-plate unit in at that time. Anyway it is late. Email me to get on the list.


PS: You can check my ebay rating if you wish at www.omarsales.com.


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