VW Jetta WVO

"I found my VW on E-bay. I had bid on a few others but was out bid- my Jetta had a buy now price of $1995- I snapped it up!
I live near Bruno, MN (50 miles south of Duluth), though the car was in York, PA.

It was only $150 & 33-34 hours by Greyhound. I was still layed-off from work so no problem. It was everything the seller claimed, but without the rust we have in such abundance here in MN! I got 47 MPG on the 1350 mile trip back. I could hardly wait to get back to work to afford the conversion to WVO!

My mom thought I was nuts for messing with a car that gets such excellent fuel mileage. I think she was driving a Cadillac at the time.... 5 weeks after I bought the car (Memorial Day weekend), I had the car running on straight vegetable oil! Everything I needed for the conversion was on the Web"


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this will piss-off Duke

this will piss-off Duke Energy,of Ohio,,,i bought a kubota SQ1200 diesel generater,and run it on cooking oil,it uses .6 gallon of C.O an hour,,i dont have to pay those sorry bastards at Duke Energy any more,,,thanks PUCO,for those "HIGH" electric bills !!!!

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