Veggie Mercedes 300SD Conversion

"In April, my good long friend Bovie turned me on to a new idea that is making a movement into becoming free from the oil economy we're living in--Waste Vegetable Oil (WVO) in cars. I vowed to never pay over $2.00/gal for gas back in 2003, and had to reclutantly eat my words. Well I said it again for $3.00/gal back in Sept 2005, managing to pay 2.72 at the highest peak. Well this time, no Katrina, no opec, just the plain facts that as long as people demand oil, the companies providing it will jack up thier prices. In April I noticed that 3.00/gal was coming back soon, and I really did not want to eat my words again. So Thanks to bovie, and the guys over at , I started the search. [...]

So there ya go. I'm now %98 free from the oil economy. Sure every 3000miles or so I need to use some petrol-oil for my car, but every day driving is now free. or at least more free than it was before. And within 10-12 months (perhaps less if I go on road trips this summer) it will have paid itself off financially. Not to mention I now know how to work on my 300SD!"

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