Veggie Fuel Systems

" Welcome to Veggie Fuel Systems - Central Florida's Waste Vegetable Oil Diesel Conversion Source

Veggie Fuel Systems converts diesel engines and vehicles to run on waste vegetable oil (WVO). We provide on-site WVO conversion services in the central Florida area. We also provide do-it-yourself conversion kits, standard or custom-designed for your application. [...]

We specialize in waste vegetable oil (WVO) conversions—also referred to as straight vegetable oil or SVO. (Biodiesel, another method of using waste vegetable oil as fuel, is a different approach entirely.)

The source of the waste vegetable oil to use as fuel in your converted vehicle can typically be one or several of your local cafes and restaurants. It's usually possible to obtain waste restaurant oil at no cost, so that filters are the only ongoing expense. (For example, our filtering costs total about 20 cents per gallon.)

You will need arrangments for storing, filtering, and dispensing the oil at your home or business, and this can be done in as many different ways as there are people using waste oil for fuel."

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