The National Greasecar / WVO / SVO Network / Coop

Are you part of the network?

The network is growing. It is slow going though. I am contacting and being contacted by greasers all around the US, and it is becoming apparent that there is a wide gap between the number of people that have high-quality filtered waste vegetable oil and the number of people that just want to get free WVO. It's averaging out to be something like a 1:10 ratio. For every 10 people that want filtered vegetable oil there is one person who has enough filtered oil to share.


So, my plan of attack is under revision for the national WVO / greasecar network / coop. Since it is harder to find quality filtered oil sources, I am going to go meet them one by one.

Yup. One By One.

That means that this spring, summer, fall, and winter I will be driving across the country meeting people that have WVO filtration systems set up and getting them to join the network. It'll be slow, fun, and in the end it will give one heck of a good and accurate list of filtered VO providers for us road-trippin' greasers.

If you are a greaser that would like to have access to the network when it is finished, just register at If you have filtered oil to share with others, PLEASE let me know! I'd love to stop by and meet you sometime! I'd be happy to interview you and feature you in an article too!

Do you know anyone else that would be a good addition to the network?...anyone else that might be interested? Please click here to let them know about us.


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