Jake's 300SD Conversion Pics

"Here are some pictures of my dad's 300 SD that we converted. We started working on it Monday, and by Sunday we were on vegoil. I worked during the week, and dad would pick up bits & pieces during the day. Our timing for the project was a little off,mit turned out to be an incredibly busy week at work, and I had to work late a few times. At night we'd plug away making heat exchanger, tank etc... Big push was on by Friday... By Friday night we had everything wired and mapped out. Also had heat exchanger completed and had begun to run fuel lines. By Saturday night we had fuel lines run to front of car to engine compartment, and Pollack valve installed with all diesel lines. On sunday we finished our cuts into the cooling system, installed the tank, installed the fuel pump, double and triple checked everything. At about 8 PM we flipped the switch."


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