Is there an Sexy Solution for the City dweller?

I have been monitoring the subject of using used cooking oil (WVO) as a Diesel fuel substitute. From the onset, it seems that you have thought of many things to make it easier to run on WVO, with one exception. Ease in filling up and/or transportation of the WVO.

I Live in the city, drive a nice clean car, live in a nice clean (cookie cutter) home, wear a suit to work, ect. I don't have a truck to transport WVO home and it seems extremely dificult to try and strain a thick substance standing alongside a container every week. I simply don't have the time or infostructure to get past this.

Between your site and others, I don't know if WVO is convient/easy enough to implement in my daily life. Honestly, when I look at you website, I see many pictures where your customers (hippies) are tinkering around with very old VW's in rural parts of the county. I don't mean anything deragatory, this just shows where the industry is.

I don't mind adding these MANY components to my car IF they will work the way they are designed, consistently. When will a person be able fill up just as simple as filling up at the traditional pump? Do you have plans to make it easy for the city dweller? We want to be able to drive up to a WVO container, pull out a hose from the car, turn on a switch to pump the oil from the WVO Container into the Veggie Tank, stop the pump, pull the hose into a holder/toolbox in the trunk and drive away?

I hold really like to try this, but untill it is easy, uncomplicated and clean; I can't try it. There is just too much in the way, let alone trying to justify the price I would have to pay for your product & installation that would make my life more complicated.

Please write me back in detail. I am sending similar emails to other manufactures of SWO & WVO solutions to see if someone in the industry has a solution that will work for me and if not to spurring thought in that direction. I want to also gauge the calimate of each company.

Thank you for your time and I look forward to hearing your reply.

Best regards,
Christian Salmon
(702) 328-3800


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Unfortunately, I don't think there's a easy way. If you want to run oil, you have to be willing to get greasy, dirty, have car problems, etc. That's why I'm not worried about my source of oil being taken by someone else...there just aren't that many other people willing to do what we do.

If you lived near someone who's already running WVO, or wants to, you could work out a deal with that person to pay him $1 a gallon to collect and filter the oil, and you could just show up once a week and have him pump it into the tank. I worked out a similar deal with a friend. I bring him 30 gallons of WVO, he makes biodiesel out of it, and I pay him $1 per gallon for half of the biodiesel he makes. He then gets to keep the other half of the batch for his work and chemicals that went into it.

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