Homemade Waste Oil Burner

"Even before I started melting metal with propane I dreamt about building a burner that cleanly burned used or "waste oil." I got interested after seeing an old article from "Mother Earth News magazine" about a homemade heating stove that burned waste motor oil. A guy like me is big on recycling, Earth friendliness and saving money... So if I could build a burner that used FREE fuel, was clean burning and easy to use then I'd be set."


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Cheap burner to see the core


This video shows a short clip of a test for a new nozzle/burner I built. 45 minutes startup to shutdown. Used less than a quart. Consumed in the project was one 14" 4"od long muffler pipe, 12" long 3/4" od 1/8" thick pipe, couple of bolts and a big washer, 8? aluminum cans, one standard soup can and somewhere a few handfulls of dirt and ash. A lump roughly a foot long and 8" wide was dug up. About a hotdog bun half (topside:)of metal in bottom. What looks to be thick pancake shaped expanded rock? forms middle. Top more like slag?. Whole mass was red hot for an hour after burn. Video does not show a more significant highpoint just after this clip. Think white flashes with some sustained lighting for a minute. Light output comparable to halide. Molten something was active in the center.

Free fuel and <50 cents of electricity.


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