Homemade DIY WVO Filtering System for $300

After a year of design and testing I'm proud to say that my filtering system works great. The whole project cost about $300 and removes all water and particles down to 5 micron. The process starts with pouring the used oil into a five gallon bucket mounted over a 30 gallon transparent drum. The oil flows through a straining bag into the drum and permitted to settle. The water is allowed to accumilate at the bottom and can be drained from the bottom tap. The product is then pumped from the primary drum eight inches above the drain to avoid the contaminated oil. The oil then passes through a 30 micron Stanadyne FM100 filter, the Filrite pump and then another Stanadyne FM100 5 micron filter to the secondary holding drum or the car tank. This method has worked, without fail for almost a year before changing the FM100 filters. The screening bag filter is easy to clean in the washing machine about every month and allowed to dry. If I can help please give a write: duanefairbanks@mindspring.com

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