WVO Conversion of Mercedes 1976 240D

Hi All,

I am considering converting my Mercedes 1976 240D and had many questions. I will start with the ones that come to mind first:

(1) I heard that Merecedes pre-1980 used rubber seals in the engine and that VO might wear down these seals faster (ie. lowering life expectancy of engine). Is this an issue I should be concerned about?

(2) I am in the habit of buying quality over convenience and was wondering is it better to convert the car using separate parts obtained online (thereby getting the best parts money can buy) or going with the conversion kit (everything in a neat package but not necessarily the best)? I understand this may depend on how the car will be used and I guess the best way to put it is, I will use it for in-town driving and the occassional(1-2 times a year) long distance haul (~300 miles).

(3) If you recommend buying parts separately is there a good item list that someone has compiled with corresponding locations to get the parts? OR if you recommend the kit, which company do you recommend (Greasecar, Frybrid, etc.) and why.

Note: in my opinion of the kits, Greasecar looked like the best balance of price and quality but I was alittle concerned about their small gas filter. Plus I emailed them with a bunch of these questions and they didn't respond!

(4) Anybody living in Northern California and has recommendations for where to get VO either through company or online? I will get it from a restaurant or somewhere if necessary, but I would much prefer to get it delivered or have a clean source to tap into since my main reason for converting the car is for the environment (and not necessarily to save a ton of money).

Anyways, that is about all the questions I have, please respond with any ideas.


ty, Your 240 is pretty bullet


Your 240 is pretty bullet proof. I've been driving an 83 240d for the past 2 years. I get my wvo at the little chinese restaurant down the street on fridays. i let the oil settle for a few days in the jug that they drain it into then I pour it thru a few layers of air filter, the fiber type, in the bottom of a pickle bucket set up on 2 saw horses. Don't pour in the settled sludge. It falls into a paint filter in a funnel that puts it into an old clean jug. Set this aside a few days. What's next? pour your filtered oil into the tank of your car. That's it. It runs great without any conversion. I periodicly take the prefilter off of the fuel line, shake well and pour out the particulate. The rub comes in the winter time when the oil gets cold. Below 55 degrees. I am not as eco friendly as you and mix in diesel to dilute. Some cars come with a block heater that could be the solution. Preheating the oil by extending the fuel line. I paid $1,100 for the car as an experiment. I own 6 other cars. This old 240 is by far my favorite. Kevin

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