WVO and Gasoline

I am currently working on a proposal for a fire training school that uses gasoline for combustion to train fire fighters. I am looking for an alternative to gasoline for combustion in order to reduce the effects combustion of fossil fuels has on the air.

Would a combination of WVO and gasoline be a acceptable alternative? Are gasoline and WVO compatible when mixed? Will the mixture produce smoke? Would the WVO need to be treated before hand when added to gasoline for combustion?

Thank you

VO has a much higher flash

VO has a much higher flash point (450+ degrees F) than gas (-45 degrees F), so it it will be considerably more difficult to ignite.

I imagine VO also has different properties when burning. E.g. grease fires have a tendency to explode when water is put on it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=j95_gFWD9lc&feature=related
It would defiantly smoke.

Every grease fire I've seen, smokes.

Not sure if gas and VO will stay in suspension.

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