Wire for 24 Volt Pump

So, I have this transfer pump:

12/24V Pump

And bought 2 of these 12v outlet plugs to install in the bed of my truck so I don't have to take a separate battery with me when transferring oil (don't know why I got two, just did):

12V Power Outlet

Anyway, since this pump is rated for 24 volts, is there any way to actually run the pump off the truck at 24 volts and not 12v in order to pump a little faster? I'm no electrician so excuse my ignorance. Would I be able to do this by installing both of these outlets side by side (one to each battery) and making a custom plug that plugs into each of these at same time and then connect to battery? Similar to this adapter but switching the male/female ends:


Any help or better alternatives would be greatly appreciated.

You will need two 12 volt

You will need two 12 volt batteries and connect them together with a heavy wire from Positive terminal on battery A to the Negitive terminal on Battery B. Now the voltage from the negitive terminal on Battery A to the Positive terminal on Battery B is 24V.

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