What can I use to filter wvo?

I'm looking for ideas of filtering materials that I could find around the house or extremely cheap. i'm broke and can't order any bag filters from FilterSource until I get a check in, which may be a few weeks. (Then the wait for shipping.) I've got about 20 gallons that I've filtered down to 5 microns, but they're now sitting with the unfiltered cubies and I'd like to get something in the old Suburban before I'm completely out of fuel. And since I have about 60 gallons, and I'm broke, I don't want to have to buy diesel. Any body got any idea of what the average household belongings are in terms of micron filtering? Blue jean legs, pantyhose, towels and such? (No, I'm not going to use good ones!) If anybody has any ideas, or a site that gives this information, please reply. Thanks in advance! Lee

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