We have 2000MT of used cooking oil

We have 2000MT of WVO

Grade A is USD 860 CIF North America and is filtered and de watered. It has a higher yield and lower loss factor for biofuel.

Grade B is USD 760 CIF North America and is unfiltered and watered down. Lower yield and higher loss factor for biofuel.

Origin: Asia

Packaging: 22 MT flexitanks with heating pad.

Delivery and payment schedule: 30 days from receiving the ICPO (Confirmed Purchase Order) with 100% SBLC (stand by Letter of Credit) + BCL (Bank Comfort Letter)


A scam artist would NOT allow

A scam artist would NOT allow payment by a standby documentary letter of credit (SBDLC) payable one hundred percent (100%) at seller’s bank upon presentation to our bank the agreed documents and once inspected by SGS at delivery port(FINAL DESTINATION PORT).

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