Want to create a Collaborative Buying Group for waste cooking oil

A collaborative group of small volume biodiesel producers whose sole purpose is to pool finances to purchase bulk WCO from waste oil suppliers and renderers.Purchasing WCO as a group reduces the overall costs for anyone producer.Factors to consider are the following:

How many members should make up a buying group?

What is the minimum buy in for WCO each member should be expected to contribute too?

Should the group be made up of member investors that reside in a local area or be made up from investors from different areas?

How should the group be organized?
What legal agreements (if any) should each member be bound by?

Should the group operate using Bylaws?

Were should the group purchase its WCO from? I hear overseas suppliers like China and other Asian Countries
have not been very reliable. If we should purchase in the U.S., who has the best prices?
I hear there are some groups known as cooperatives already practicing group colloaborative purchasing of either biofuels or Waste oil, how do they do it?
I know there are a lot of questions. What I really want to do is to start a serious discussion, to weed the talkers and to get to individuals that are seriously considering this proposal. You are welcome to respond to this post.



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