Value of a 1963 (Chevy) Grumman Olsonette stepvan

My parents have an old 1963 (Chevy) cube van that Dad bought from a Fire Dept auction in 1999. It's a Chevy straight 6 cylinder stick shift w/55k miles. Dad drove it for a while but hasn't since he became ill. It's been sitting in the driveway for sometime and doesn't start.

I want to sell it for them and was wondering if ANYONE knows anything about this year Grumman Olsonette. I found a history & it seems this is one of the first ones but....not much more online.

Can someone give me a fair price to ask???? Sure would appreciate it. I tried a Craigslist ad and have been inundated with emails which makes me think I may have something more valuable than I know. Mom and Dad could sure use the money so it would be great to get some advice.

Thanks a million!!!

Anywhere from 2500-4500

Anywhere from 2500-4500 depending on the body damage? engine? remember it is 50 years old so everything on it needs to be looked at by a good mechanic. Just because it runs and low miles does not mean the timing chain needs to be replaced etc...put it up on CL for 4500 and see what response you get.

Thank You So much for

Thank You So much for responding!

The body is in really good condition considering the age, but the engine I do not know. It's been sitting for a while and we can't start it ourselves. The winch is rustyish and 3 or the 4 tires need air or are flat. Would you make that more on the $2,500 end now knowing this much more? Thanks again

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