Used Vegetable Oil Collection Buisness

I'm contemplating setting up a used vegetable oils collection business in the Far East. Where can I get some knowledge of how Companies collect used vegetable oils from restaurants? I imagine it varies from one restaurant to another, but is there a general procedure or process? For instance to start a business does one need a truck to transport the used oil and can the oil be pumped from a restaurant into a oil truck, or is it collected by a pump and placed in containors? Which is the easiest and least costly method? What can I anticipate as the cost of this process per gallon? Then if the used oil is to taken to a cargo ship to be exported to another country how is that process completed? Is there a import license needed for used VO to enter other countries? Is there a trade show or any info on the web about the process? Any and all help or input would be greatly appreciated. Thanx!

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