unknown wvo - type- creamy shortening-hydrogenated partialy hy--etc soy or mixture

I've got a 1980 240D converted by lovecraft. Car runs great. Got a couple resturants giving me their grease, you know the story. So I get a new connection Wow I'm now in Grease Heaven. Picked up a load last nite. Close to 30 gals. Thinking man I'm cruising. I get home and start to look over the load. Start reading containers. Bottom line-I am not sure what is in there. Have heard hydrogenated is bad news for the engine. This load has all different types of containers. Some say shortening, some say nothing. Get the picture? Should I just bag the whole load? Can I cut this shit with anything. Information, suggestions??? Help.---New Oregon Greaser--kahnerts@hotmail.com

Ha! I got burned the same

Ha! I got burned the same way. I picked up oil and half of the cubies were shortening but I didn't pay attention 'til I got home. I'm going to try a centrifuge. That shortening shit is all over, for FREE. All we have to do is find a better filtration system.

BTW, lovecraft system on my car works great. I don't see the prob in warmer climates as long as you clean the filter.

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