unknown types of grease-hy/non hydrog

This is my second attempt. I'm new at this grease business. I've gotten about 1000 miles on wvo since I converted. Now I just got about 30 gals. of unknown grease. Is there an additive I can use to counteract any negative shit in this oil.Its all in mixed containers-some say soy bean, some say creamy short. some say nothing. I don't know these guys nor do I know what they are using. Don't want to hurt my engine.Will 30 gallons do damage? what if it is combined with grease I know is ok? What if I add some regular gas to each tank? should I get rid of it?? HELP!!! New Oregon greaser. kahnerts@hotmail.com if anyone wants to connect. I'd really like to hear from other Oregonians who would like to start a little co-op. John

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