selling you used cooking oil (grease)

I'm in Richmond, Va. I'd like to know if I collected oil fron different places in the united states, what would you be willing to pay per gallon and would you help me with the equipment and starting insurance? I have an old tractor myself that OI was planning on selling. This was my ad for the tractor:
I have a 1972 R-700 Mack Tractor- twin screw with 35151 original miles on it. The truck is in very good condition. It runs, it has a 5 speed maxidyne transmission and a maxidyne engine that is in very good condition. It has not been restored, however, I saw an action last year wherein a restored 1972 R-700 Mack Tractor- twin screw sold for $132,000.00. I am asking $30,000.00 for my truck once I advertise it. However, I will let it go now for $20,000.00. I can be reached if you're interested at 804-269-5028.
In the meantime, there are places here in the us that want to sell their oil. For you and them, I could act as a middleman by contracting with both you and them to pick up their oil and deliver it to you. However, I will not work free or for pennies. I was a trucker and contractor for 28 years. I am a very hard working man, and have no problem with getting dirty while doing my work. I do however, have a problem with doing work and not getting paid for it. If you are interest, you can call me anytime at 1-804-269-5028. If you have not found anyone here in the us to do this contracting for you and it is worth the time, I am your man. Hope to do business with you!!!!

That was not a nice thing to

That was not a nice thing to comment to anyone. I will pray for you!!! By the way, I'm not a douche and I don't think you are either!! My son wrote that first ad thinking I needed someones help. I can do my business just fine. I am an adult and I think you are as well. Lets' act like adults. It is not very adult like to call people names. This site is not meant for foolish comment, and I will not make any comments that are offensive to anyone. If you have anything pleasant to say, I'm all ear, otherwise, lets keep this site strictly business!!! Have a nice day.

Yes, I certainly agree.

Yes, I certainly agree. Strictly business. Let's check the Tom Foolery at the door. There is no need to have fun on a site that is clearly meant for business.

Yours Truly,

Robert "Bob" A. Gadouche

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