RLM Certificate


What does RLM stand for?

I have been trying to purchase Crude Jatropha Oil in Malaysia.

I want a sample first before I buy larger quantities.

Funny, most suppliers found on the internet want up front money for a RLM license. The amounts vary from $ 450 USD to $ 750 USD..? And Malaysian Trade Officials here in the United States do not know anything about such a license...

So my questions are:

1. Who or what is RLM and how can I contact them?

2. Is there really a RLM license and it is necessary to obtain this license to export Jatropha Oil and if yes, what is the cost of it?

3. Has anybody had experience of exporting Crude Jatropha Oil from Malaysia and give me some advise?

Please contact me at 248 410 9622 to discuss details. Ask for Hans.

Thank you.

dear, i just confused about

dear, i just confused about the RLM certificate in Malaysia once.
but, I am sure that they are frauds now.
It is true because i was cheated by them.
usually, they asked for western union to transfer the value to them.
pls take care about it.
or, you can contact with me with QQ: 514454845 about the details.
and the fraud is called, Alhamin Edible Oils Co, and, MIZAR MAJESTIC BDN BHD.
their SKYPE is: inquirey

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