I need help with my Vegetable oil system.

I have a 97 Ford F-250 with a golden fuels vegetable oil system. I live in Dayton, Oh and during the last winter (2010-2011) I let my veggie tank run dry and didn't fill it back up, I just used the two diesel tanks. The veggie tank sat dry for about 6 months and then when I started trying to get it up and running again this past summer I had a lot of issues. I would stall on me after about 80 miles of driving. I thought I might have gotten bad oil. So I emptied the tank, when I did so I found little rubberized balls of Veggie oil all over my tank. I tried to clean it out as best I could and then ran straight diesel in the tank. Again after about 80 miles, I lost power, sucked air in the engine and stalled.

Any ideas on what I can do to fix this problem? Thanks

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