Please Help!! I am in dire need of help converting 01 cummings

I have a 2001 dodge cummings it has 300k and it has lift pump on side of the motor. There are tons of conflicting answers as far as being able to converting the 2001 cummings to a greasel, I live in Northern Minnesota and want to convert with hose in hose system.
I have had a horrible year and currently peddle my bike 45 miles a day to work due to there is not enough $ after child support,with the price of fuel Its getting to the point to where I am going to have to limit my time with my sons!(the only time I drive my truck)
I can get all the used grease that I could ever need for free and have the mechanacile skills to do the conversion, I need to know for sure if it would work. I cant afford to do any high price repairs.
All I have is my sons,my truck and my house if I dont loose that to.
Please e-mail me at if you have done a 2001 conversion or know for sure.
I would be forever greatfull!! thank you!!!

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