Please evaluate my WVO conversion diagram

Here is a diagram of a conversion I am putting together. I am posting it to get feedback from form member in hopes to eliminating the learning curve. Some of the feedback I hope to receive would include part numbers or manufacturers for each item needed. Please replay with your experiences or option. All input welcome.

1. Should I tap into the heater core line or elsewhere?
2. Has anybody used a heater block and who’s should I buy?
3. What is the best way to heat a 100 gallon tank (3.5’X5’X8”) (W/L/H)?
4. What type of WVO/fuel filter would work best in this system?
5. Do WVO/fuel filters have water separator or should a stand-alone water separator be added?
6. Should I use a 6way, 3way or (2) 3way switch valves?
7. I think a lift pump will curve harm to the injector pump is this true? If so who’s should I buy?
8. I understand that the PMD on the injector pump should be moved to a remote location. What is the most economical way to mount the PMD in a remote location? I ask because I found a supplier online that has remote PMD kits but they are $600.00 and I think the existing or new one can be relocated cheaper.

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