Pan American Trip on WVO...looking for Oil and Caravans

Hi All,
We are Heading down the Baja on our way down to our final destination of Argentina come Feb. 09'. We're driving a 93' Dodge Cummins TD converted to run on WVO. Anyone out there know of any good sources of oil, people who have done this trip or are in any of these areas now looking to caravan?

I'm headed down that

I'm headed down that direction starting in march of '09. Any info that you could post about your adventures finding WVO in mexico and central America would be great!

good luck amigos, I just

good luck amigos,

I just drove from the states in Jan,09' on grease (running out in Mexico-150gal tank @ 15mpg) then having to buy diesel the rest of the way, because- nobody saves they're grease down here, sure if you ask them to, then they will save it, but otherwise NOBODY saves their grease, you may be lucky and get a couple of days grease or maybe a weeks worth 5gals max- from some kitchen somewhere, but finding it is no easy mission and may take hours upon hours. Don't forget the autopistas- Mexico's toll highways, they add up.... Though, Lots of potential here for a WVO collection facility.

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