lovecrap filter failed my 83 240d wont start

bought a 83 240d with a lovecraft system not sure which model. didnt run it on vo for a while the owner gave us drums filled with oil we put some in and the car stalled out and wont start :( we figure its the filter since it looks clogged. and for some reason before we put the vo in we used biodisel for a bit and just switched once in a while the oil pressure meter was at 0. we took it into a cheap mecahnic he said it was out of oil! we changed the oil when we got it! we have a very microscopic oil leak but not enough to lose 8 qts of oil!!! if someone could explain to me the oil prob and the filter prob please do! and im considering buying a different kit since lovecraft has dissappeared from LA, i went to both locations they list and nothing no working phone numbers :(

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