Looking for a vacuum slide in for a f-250.


I was wondering if you guys can point me in the right direction. I am looking for a vacuum slide in unit for my truck. Hopefully no bigger than 400 Gallons, perhaps 300 should be big enough. Any ideas where I can find used units a reasonable prices?

I've done some research and new ones go for 7K to 9K

Thanks for your help.

I think i can help. While i

I think i can help. While i dont have a "unit" per say, i do have a vacume tank with a vacume pump. My dad is friends with a person at Heritage Propane. Go to a propane place similar to the one i mentioned, and tell them you want an old tank without holes that is no longer usable. It will probably have deep spots of rust, but will work. Then go to a place that sells appliances and ask them what they do with the old ones they take out of peoples houses, and pull the compressor out of a refrigerator. Fabricate a holder for the compressor, and use it as a vacume pump (it works very well, but it is a little slow). Then if you want the convience of running the pump while you drive from place to place, you will need an inverter with atleast 1500 watts continuous, and a large cable to run from the battery to the inverter. By the way, my tank is approx. 110 gallons, which is the heaviest one person can slide around. if your moving it with machinery, go bigger! I can put a vacume on the tank good enough to suck up 90-100 gallons in 20 minutes. I dont use any vacume/pressure switches. I have a pickle jar with 2 fittings in the lid, some tubing, so i can see when the jar starts to fill with oil, and not destroy the pump, which i have done. Also, you will need to fill tank partially with water, and soap, and i drove around with it to get the residue out of the tank, then i drained it, filled to the top with water, then emptied, and pulled all the plugs out. I welded a galvanized 90 degree 1.5" fitting on the bottom of the tank, and then a 1.5" hose with a ball valve, then cam lock female, then cam lock male, then 90 degree, then 3 foot pipe. I suck up the oil, go to house, undo cam lock, and hook onto male cam lock i have at house over a storage container, then open the valve, hook up air compressor (i have onboard air) and out comes the oil. I used one of the ports on the top, with a bushing, 1/4" ball valve, and the air hose fitting. This is my setup. I have no more than $400 in this and the same things could be used on a larger tank, just plug it in before you go, and let it run for half an hour or maybe more. make sure you use a big diameter hose and no restrictions (the smallest part should be what you stick in the oil). Also i use a mesh trash can under my discharge to catch all the large food particles. MudRulzz@gmail.com

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