I converted my 94' powerstroke to run on grease, The problem is I don't think I am getting the grease hot enough.

It has problems in any cooler weather. The truck runs on the cooler side of things. I have a hotfox in the stock tank, but it is 17" and not really long enough. My switch is placed down in front of the front tank. I have a vormax heated filter housing and a layered plate heat exchanger. I was thinking of putting a fuel line in hose heat exchanger in front of the tank switch, a Veggie therm 12v heater before the the fuel line hits the filter bowl on the manifold, and or making a filter sleeve out of coolant hose. I also want to know if running grease that is not hot enough is going to hurt the motor. is so I just went almost 4k on it and is there any thing I can do the reverse any damage.

You have to get a long

You have to get a long ArcticFox. They make them long enough to fit any tank. It should extend to within an inch of the tank's bottom. On my 2001 Dodge Cummins, I also heat the filter with a 12-volt sleeve heater. Then I pump the fuel to the injector pump through a Hose-In-Hose fuel line. HIH means the 3/8 aluminum fuel line is inside of a 3/4 heater hose with hot antifreeze surrounding the fuel line. I do the same thing with the return line to the tank. Heating the WVO to 180-190 degrees makes it the same viscocity as diesel. This makes the WVO burn completely. Trying to push a lower viscocity fuel through the injector pump and the injectors will cause you problems. My system works fine at 40 below zero.

I am currently looking in to replacing the filter system with an in-line centrifuge, which will remove crud down to less than 1 micron. No filters to plug up sounds good to me.

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