How to make a waste oil burner

The Babington burner concept and a large pipe burner are combined to make an awesome hybrid WVO burner! This burner is designed to be installed inside a wood or pellet stove, and to be integrated into the stove controls when applicable. Much different than a typical Babington burner, the Ultimate Pipe Burner is very quiet, also much less air is required and an overflow oil return is not needed. UPB's Clean burn and low burner maintenance as well as superb turn down capability make this burner special! We are developing FASCU advanced controls for stove and burner automation.

We feel that our UPB may be the best that has ever been developed for burning biodiesel or even heavy dirty oils in a small stove combustion chamber. With a Babington atomizer incorporated into a large pipe burner, you get a well balanced combination!

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