How Much does Catalyst & Methanol add to cost per gallon?

If someone could buy UCO/WVO
for about $2 - $2.50 per gallon.
(for processing into BioDiesel)

How much would just the Catalyst & Methanol
add to the cost per gallon? (Not counting
Filtering and Removing Water)

Positive Feedback,

Methanol is around $2.55 a

Methanol is around $2.55 a gallon. You will use 20% methanol to WVO. i.e., 40 gallons of WVO = 8 gallons of methanol. The catalyst, such as KOH, you will use a small amount of and the cost will not change your overall price too much. Charles you are looking at around $2.75 -$3.25 a gallon for your biodiesel. If you are making small amounts, I would check into getting your oil from local establishments but a word of advice, stay away from donut places, they use their oil to the point of it being garbage.

Good Luck Chuck.

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