How mant people in the U.S. fuel their cars with waste vegetable oil?

I'm doing a research project and am just looking for a ballpark estimate with a source if you have one. Thanks!

Your an idiot probably the

Your an idiot probably the same A@shole that was trying to figure out how many companies there are. Take your get rich quick schemes some where else do you think no one has though of your "brilliant idea"before. Not only were there a million dumb asses like you but there are also lots of serious people that have capital to do their own legitimate market analysis and not post questions in classified adds. The people who have spent the money arent going to help so idiot like you. You obviously havent been in the business and are not familiar with its workings at all. You shouldnt waste your time try amway instead.

I began a biodiesel company

I began a biodiesel company that recently has taken off... people like you, that reply and think everyone is out to steal oil or get rich quick... are obviously straight scumbags. This business is unlike anything else because most of the people that run it are car mechanics or small time recyclers that found their wvo is worth money. Everyone that I have talked to has no business management experience or business education. Its funny to me and the people that I have met and spoken to or have done business with are so unprofessional(like the person that replied to this post) and I am taking full advantage of taking over the market in certain areas due to this advantage and have been successful in doing so.
So go back out to your garage to work on your WV after you bone your fat wife and eat a chicken sandwich. In the meantime I will be signing contracts to collect oil and produce biodiesel. Douche.

I agree with everything in

I agree with everything in your post, except that I see no problem with eating a chicken sandwich. I personally eat a chicken sandwich from time to time, and I do not feel I should be looked down upon for it.


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