Hose in a Hose

Hey well im ready to convert my 1984 300D to run on WVO, im in oklahoma and will be moving to colorado next year so i need it to be optimized for cold weather. I have FROM THE FRYER TO THE FUEL TANK, what is the best way to make the hose within a hose, the book says to use polyethylene hose for the fuel hose. Noticed that several people used copper and some more used aluminum lines, What is everyones thoughts on what to use?

Hose in a hose --response

not sure what is the "best"....but I did an 3/8" OD aluminum inside 1" ID heater hose. Used standard galvanized fittings (from Home Depot) to do the reduction from 1" to 3/8" with a brass compression fitting to keep everything water tight.

Works great for me in Fort Worth...been in the 20's quite a bit lately and all is good.

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