Higher Insurance Costs?

Do insurance companies charge more for biodiesel vehicles than other vehicles? We are trying to convince the campus busses at my school to run on biodiesel, and my classmate is telling me that this will be a political controversy because of increased insurance expenses.

If anything, it should be

If anything, it should be safer. Biodiesel is non-toxic, biodegradable, and non-hazardous. It also has a higher flash point than diesel fuel, so it cannot be lit with a match. I have no idea why insurance would INCREASE because of it.

Typical reaction to something new, I guess...

Biodiesel is toxic. It

Biodiesel is toxic. It contains methanol and methanol is toxic:

"[Methanol] is toxic: drinking 10 ml will cause blindness, and as little as 100 ml will cause death."


I would add that biodiesel is less toxic than petroleum diesel.

Straight vegetable oil, however, is not toxic, which is what people on this site mostly fuel their vehicles and generators with.

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