Help me improve my Isuzu Npr Mpg!

I own a 1994 isuzu npr with 115,000 miles on it. I bought it back in 2001 and it had 110,000 on it when i got it. I drove it from 01-05 not much and let it sit for 2 yrs but would start it and drive it down the street every 3-months.
I have since been driving it again from feb 08 till now. It runs awesome turbo works great, but I cant seem to get better than 12mpg and thats never breaking 55mph either if i do im about 11mpg, it will hit 75mph. I would love to get 15mpg+ any suggestions??? I did notice a small black ring on the out side of my exhaust tip like carbon bild up!
Please help me!


Attn: Shawn

Dear Shawn,

Try using a product from NAPA Auto Works called Sea Foam. It's also available at Autozone. It'll clean out your injectors and burn off any carbon build up. Good stuff, we use it all the time for our Isuzu FTRs.

Hope this helps!

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Maybe new injectors? Thats

Maybe new injectors?
Thats only a 4 speed, so no OD? Keep the speed to 55 mpg.
What's on the back? A big box? Look at aero wings on the roof and some treatment on the rear, like aerotabs. Or add deflectors. Most of your aero improvements will be at the back.

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