My name is Patrick Kuhn. I own Lake Norman Moving Services, LLC, in Huntersville, NC.

We've enjoyed success with regards to converting two of our straight trucks, but now we'd like to trade our straight trucks in for a heavy-duty tractor.

The question is: Which one?

Rumor has it CAT engines run horribly on WVO. The same rumor mill suggests that Volvo and Freightliner engines seem to run quite well on WVO.

But I can't seem to find any supporting evidence.

A little advice? Please email: CharlotteMoving@bellsouth.net

Patrick R. Kuhn
Lake Norman Moving Services, LLC
Kuhn Logistics

Your greasy forum reminds me

Your greasy forum reminds me of the worlds greatest Detroit Mechanic, Greasy, of Charlotte, NC. He converted my 1985 9370 International 8V92 from a disaster, at one million miles, to the fastest, best truck I ever took across Elk Mountain. What was scary was that it got faster, for the next 100 thousand miles and would pass anything on the road. If Greasy is still alive, he can tell you how to convert your Class 8, if anybody can. CAR Hauler, retired, and glad of it.

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