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Hello to my fellow buyers and sellers,

My question is pretty simple. We collect oil in California and one of our customers stores the used grease in a freezer until we arrive to collect it. (55 gal drums) Our pump cannot suck the hard grease. WHAT IS THE CHEAPEST AND BEST METHOD TO SOFTEN (or) HEAT THE GREASE SO IT CAN BE SUCKED? (and notice I said "cheapest") We dumped hot oil on the frozen oil but that takes FOREVER to melt. There must be a better "system". Can anyone advise me on how to handle this weekly and VERY time consuming problem?

Thank you for your attention and my name is Kir' bay. (not kirby)

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Hi Kirbay, I am in Monterey

Hi Kirbay,

I am in Monterey CA, new to the scene. I don't have a solution for you, other than maybe they can turn the freezer off or remove the WVO a couple days before your scheduled pickup to reduce the viscosity? I Suppose it depends on if there is anything else in the freezer...

I am wondering if you would sale some of your WVO to me? I converted my truck to run on WVO and carry 120 gallons on board. I have a friend with the same setup that would be interested as well. I have a truck and trailer and will travel. If not, do you know anyone who does?



The cheapest way would be to

The cheapest way would be to ask customer for a large collander and fill with 5 gallons of hot steamy water and blanch it, stir and depending on your method of extraction. I use a vac/pressure tank in the north east during some very cold winters and this works, it worked last season and we had a bad here. Yes a bit more water but the product is softned enough to move. Hope this helps.

The best and most cost free

The best and most cost free way to do this would be to take that client of yours containers of yours that they can fill, then when you collect the wvo, just leave empty containers and take the full ones. You can thaw at your convenience. If your client will work with you, they will except this process. GOD bless you!!!!! Brian

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