Having problems locating a supplier of WVO

I finally got the perfect car and have the perfect WVO system to go in it but am having problems locating a good source. I have called around some local places and the word I get is that they (the buisness) has a contract with a waste company who picks up all thier waste. This waste collection company seems to have the market cornered- they in turn give the grease to a growing bio-deisel producing company here in Oregon. Any good ideas for how I should approach a potential donor? Anyone else run into this problem before? I hate to get everything in place only to find out I cant get oil because some other company has a monopoly.

Go to your favorite local

Go to your favorite local (needs to be a mom and pops not a chain) Mexican or Chinese restaurant at an off peak business time and order a meal. While you are there ask to speak to the manager and ask him or her what they do with there WVO? Ask if you could get some of it the next time they change the oil. Of course you may have to buy a few more meals and leave a few more tips, but just thank you may soon be driving on free fuel and helping the environment. This is how I have setup my network of fuel sources. I now have a 100 gallon surplus ready to be put in the tank of my 240d.
Good Luck, James

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