Greasecar 98 series 6 port valve????

I have a 2006 dodge cummins and am creating a 2 tank VO conversion system. Haven't bought anyones complete kit and so I have 35 gallon aluminum tank that was a VO conversion on Mercedes originally, I installed a Hot Fox VO tank heat xchanger, FASS fuel pump, Grease Car 98 series 6 port valve and 30 plate flat heat exchanger Also considering a 12 volt heater in the line for the cold winter months. My question concerns the return flow of diesel fuel and VO back from motor and injector pump. I would like to use the FASS pump for both diesel and VO, and so I have decided to install the 6 port valve before the FASS and then have one fuel line travel directly to front flat plate and then into injector pump. This would mean that the diesel would also be heated by the flat plate???? Not sure if that would be a problem??? I will have a manual purge switch and not anyones automatic shut off purge. I would like to always run the VO diluted with diesel to avoid any problems living above 7000ft altitude in Park City ,Utah Freezing 6 months out of the year. And so I thought that the return flow from the motor should flow back into the VO tank. What I wanted to know is that the 6 port valve has 2 return nipples for both diesel and VO.... Do they both need to be utilized or plugged up if I should just have one return line go back to the oil tank. I couldn't get an answer from Greasecar they told me to go onto blog to ask my question as I hadn't bought a complete kit from them. If anyone had any advice I would be grateful!!!!

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