Grease cutting/thinning agents

I recently began running my '98.5 Dodge Ram, Cummins 24V on WVO. Now, I have not done any sort of conversion, although my truck is equipped with a fuel heater. I am noticing that the oil may still be a bit too thick for my fuel system, so I got to thinking about cutting it with another fuel for easier flow. Now, the obvious choice is kerosene, and I do at present have a pretty hefty supply of it. However, I if at some point I run out and replacing my stash does not look to be as cheap as I would like, i came to think that a small amount of gasoline may be a suitable replacement. Now I know you are all thinking that putting gasoline in a diesel is a bad idea, but if it were mixed in small quantities (which is more feasible than kerosene, as it is a better solvent, and would allow a higher grease/thinner ratio) its speedy burning should be slowed by its dilution. Plus I think the highly flammable nature of gas might help for a more complete and cleaner burn of the oil. Any thoughts?


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