Good Truck to convert for WVO?

I'm looking to buy either a 3/4 ton or a 1 ton, diesel truck to convert to run only on WVO. I'm wondering what sort of truck would be best make and model for this.

My budget is dismal, so I'm only willing to spend about 3000 on the truck, hopefully less. ( I'm aware of the extra cost of the conversion).

I've been looking at 1985-early 90'S FORD f-250's and f-350s. would those trucks be about the same when it comes to converting? Would I be betteroff looking at trucks that may be more reliable like a chevy or a Dodge?

And finally I would rather put together the parts to do the conversion myself, rather th paying a shop a few grand to do it, or buying a kit for like 1500 dollars. So if someone could give me a link to a do-it-yourself site that tells me the parts I need or just, straight out tell me what parts I would need, that would help.

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