Golden Fuel - One Shot Filtration/pump unit and best conversion kits

Hi all,

Just got a 2002 f-350 and an looking forward to burning WVO. I'm not much of a mechanic so I am looking for some advice from folks with more experience.

I am interested in hearing from folks who have tried the various conversion kits and the Golden Fuel - One Shot Filtration/pump unit.

Filtering WVO right in to the vehicles fuel tank sounds too good to be true. How well does it work. Anyone have any experience building a similar unit with a hand pump?

There are a number of manufacturer of conversion kits. Does any one have a preference?

Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.

One shot filtering

I taled to a guy who was designing an engine to run on grease and he said the one he'd designed and tested was such that you could just dump dirty grease into the tank and it filtered it as you drove. I told him not to sell out the design, but he seemed like he would do it just for the cash. I wish I had a link to post to the design or something. In any case, I know people are working on it so it won't be long, if it hasn't been done and posted already.

Simple is best

I bought a 2002 F-250 a year ago and converted it to grease. My experiance has been good, easy acess to grease and not a lot of hastle. I went with the simplest conversion kit I could find, the GoldenFuelSystems voyager kit. It ran me 1800 and I installed it myself in about 8 hours. Reading the previous comment about dumping straight unfiltered grease into the tank brings up a convient situation but I can assure you when you have driven 6000-10000 miles your tank will need to be cleaned unlike prefiltered grease. There are 3 company's that make conversion kits for the F-250 one of which is, and the third is escaping me at the moment. Pricese range from $1200-$5000 so it all comes down to how much of a conversion you want. The filtering of the Oil is what your going to want to spend most of your time thinking about. As filtering out in the open does take some time and is a little messy. I am planing on going to a fixed 110v motor and a filter canister to stream line the process with as little mess as possible. Hope this helps, If you have any questions or want to see some pics of my Hybrid shoot me an e-mail at

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