Gasket and top of Racor fh1000 filter blowing off while driving HELP

I have a 2005 Mercedes Turbo Diesel that is on a two tank system from Golden Fuel Systems. I have been driving it over a year and have had zero problems until recently.

My filter gauge broke and I didn't know it... My van kept stalling so I changed the filter. It was REALLY dirty.

During the same month I was driving down the road and the filter cap to my Racor fh1000 second tank filter blew off gushing fuel all over the van. Had it towed. My mechanic fixed it by changing the filter and told me something about a relay being loose.

It has worked again for about 2,900 miles and blew again yesterday but this time the fuel just lightly ran out instead of gushed.

Does anyone have any suggestions for me? Could this be caused by a dirty filter that I need to change more often??? I am new to SVO and WVO and I know it is all a work in progress.

Please help. Thanks, Rita.

Might be a pressurization

Might be a pressurization issue.

If there is a fuel pump installed on the discharge side of the filter, ensure that it is pumping in the right direction. Depending upon the design of the pump, if the polarities are reversed or there is a wiring mistake (you mentioned a relay) this can cause the pump to run backwards.

If there is a fuel pump installed on the intake side of the filter, ensure that there is no obstruction between the filter and the engine that is causing the pump to pressurize the filter.

Also, there is check valve in the filter - shiny metal ball. Make sure that it is not stuck.

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