I wanted to let potential Frybrid customers know that the company frequently experiences backlogs from their vendors. I put off contacting them after the 4 weeks had passed, knowing this was probably the case. But not only did I not receive an email, phone call, or smoke signal from them, I got zero response to my inquiry for some sort of compensation for this lack of communication for breaking their own 4 week delivery policy; just an responding email stating why the kit was late. Who knows if they had even started it yet. When I suggested again a full refund or 10% off my full order, I was told within the day that my kit would be in the mail within 48 hours. It's too bad that it takes this kind of communication to see any kind of results. If you're looking for customer service, I would highly recommend Vegpower, as they were my second choice, and their system is a little cheaper (and looks to have a better filtration system in my opinion). Frybrid has a great website, a great product (at least I hope it's a great product since I actually haven't received it yet), and lot of people swear by them. But they are [B][U]severely[/U][/B] lacking in customer service. You may not see your kit for 8 weeks, and only then if you're a squeaky wheel.

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