Filtration system

Hi foks, first of all thank you for such intelligent community. This is a great place to find answers and share ideas.
I am starting a business with a partner that owns a waste oil hauling company.
The idea is to filter the wvo and sell it as fuel. We want to start with a system that can hold about 4,000 gallons a month. Can someone tell me what would be the best approach. We currerntly have the following items that could be used: 55 gallon metal drums, 55 gallon plastic drums, 5) 275 gallon plastic totes; 1) 400 gallon tank and one 1,000 gallon tank
We also found a company that is giving us steel structures were we can elevate our tanks. My ideal world would be to use as much gravity as I can. Heat up the oil with 12 volt heater elements powered by solar panel and use the mosrt cost effective filters and a decent size pump.
Any ideas???

Many thanks


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