f-350 conversion

i recently converted my f-350 7.3, must have burned over 300
gallons of wvo, now i think the injection pump is fried. my pre-filter set up took a crap before a long trip right after i
converted, so in my haste, i dumped it into the 100 gallon
on board storage tank, hoping the 10 micron veggie filter
would take care of it, i guess it did, for a while. it started
to idle rough, so i changed out a return line orifice and replaced with a full flow, it worked out, for a while. then it
started to stall, until it had been running for a while, i blamed it on an air leak somewhere. then it would start and
immediately stall, crank, crank, crank it would start and stall and start and stall. then i went and forgot to purge
and now it won't start. replaced the mechanical lift pump, checked the glow plugs, relay etc. i get fuel up to the injection pump, then nothing. so, one would say either i fried it or it was it's time to go. any body got any ideas, or experience with the 7.3 conversion. by-the-by way, i did my
300d benz 2 years ago, still hasn't failed, very crude conversion i might add. kbrbarn@embarq.net

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