disposing of the glycerin

im in the cincinnati, ohio area and i just started making bio diesel and i trying to look for way to safely get rid/ dispose of my glycerin, right now i just got a 250 gallon tote and that how im storing it. so and good tip would be great thanks!

Some people have found

Some people have found farmers who'll take it for their manure pits, others have found sewage treatment plants who use digesters who'll take it, I read of a cement factory who will burn it in their incinerator, while others recover the methanol using a condenser and the make soap/hand cleaner/fire logs out of the remaining (not crude) glycerol.
I don't know any of the above people personally and I am in the same boat as you. Perhaps this season I'll build a condenser and go the soap route and reclaim some of that cooking alcohol.

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