dewatering barrel in cold NE temps

I have a 55 gal drum that is heated by a hot water heating element (with a thermostat set to 150) tigged in near the bottom between a drain valve (at the bottom) and a good oil valve (a few inches above). My collection system is a super sucker so I am dumping 45 gal of cold oil in the barrell and heating to 150 deg. I am leaving a top on the barrell and this is creating a condensate rain effect that in my opinion is dropping water and particulate to the bottom of the barrell. After a good day or two of heating and settling I drain the good oil into my polishing barrell that has an oc-20 centrifuge that will run the oil 4-6 passes to clean things up. I have to heat and settle due to the cold (35-45) garage temps. Does anyone see any problems or have any suggestions to make things more efficient?
You can email with any ideas.

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