DES - Diesel Secret Energy Addititve

This company DES Desiel Secret Energy is advertising on the web that no conversion is needed when their product is added to wvo.

Has anyone used this product? Does it work? Does it keep the engine running?

Any feedback is welcome. Thanks RG

DSE Diesel Secret Energy

Hello. Yes, I agree with the previous replier. Every SVO/WVO forum that I've been on, to read about this stuff, says that it's just a gimmick. The 'real' secret in their product working is that the consumer mixes gasoline & a few other distillates with the VO. This brings down the viscosity so that it flows & combusts similar to diesel. This practice is nothing new, but it does involve the purchase of extra ingredients (gas & distillates) as well as the time & energy to mix (hopefully with safety at heed).
Personally, w/o a heating system for the VO or mix, I wouldn't run an engine for fear of coking & gumming.
There may actually be people & products out there offering 'quick & easy' that actually deliver with integrity. I've never found them. 99.99999999% of the time, it's best to go with the tried & true methods.
Best of Luck, Hotrodbungy

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