cold wvo

What happens if you forget to switch to diesel when you shut off your ride and it gets cold? How do you correct this?

cold WVO

That is one thing you really want to avoid. First thing to note the surface temperature may be high enough for you to think I am warm enough but you must allow the core of things, like the injection pump to be high enough to allow any oil in it to be able to flow easily and this takes time. Next thing how cold of a climate are you in. Is your engine equipped with a block heater or can you install one. You need to heat the oil to at least 100 degrees on Cummins engines and old MB you can get away with low oil temp in these engines, but to low it is a sure way to break Injection pumps if the oil is cold. Heating the injection pump itself could be a problem. I might consider a propane torch with a fan tip on it for fuel lines but. That could prove to cause something to burn that would be very bad so to be safe we are talking things like hot air guns that heat way beyond the temp of a blow drier even though they look a lot a like you must be careful even with these the can cause things to start on fire. Also if focused to long on a single point. If you have injection line heaters that will make all this easier but you still have to warm the injection pump if it is really cold. NOTE BEFORE I GO ON I WAS LUCKY I DID NOT DESROY ANY THING. I have a 1990 Dodge with the Cummins and I have started it at temps between 50 and 70 degrees without the benefit of heat it was not a really good thing but what I did is switched over to regular fuel first so the engine would have the minimum of run time it would be on WVO. This was smokey and rough I did fine a very little pressure on the throttle smoothed out the engine during this process but a best it was ugly. I was also lucky that the oil I had been using at that time was still some what thin at that temp. If it is really cold I would suggest warming the engine crank case oil with external sources so the oil will flow and I would manually purge the WVO system and manually pump diesel or Biodiesel in to the system but if you are not a really good mechanic this could be even uglier than just taking a lot of time to make sure you heat everything up very well. When you do start the engine keep the rpm low do not try to keep the engine running by over revving the engine. So this is the short explanation. If you want the long version you can e-mail me Time cures all summer is coming.

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