Bulk WVO Prices | Filtered and/or Unfiltered

What are the best deals anyone has for bulk wvo in the US?

If you are outside of the US, quote prices and past customers for bulk wvo delivered to the US, all shipping, import/export/etc. fees included.

The bulk wvo does not have to be filtered, but specify whether it is or is not filtered.

I want at least 1000 gallons, but I can find other buyers to go in on a larger quantity of bulk wvo if you can provide at a reasonable price.

I can sell you 1,000 gallons

I can sell you 1,000 gallons for $1,400. This oil has been heated up so that we do not sell the crap. We only sell the good light brown oil off the top.

If you like the oil and you want more then we will come down on the price for purchases after the first one.

Liberty Agrifuels
(865) 450-9271

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